Heat Treatment

Continuous Furnace Heat Treatment

QED has a wide range of continuous in-line furnaces for austinitizing, annealing, quenching, stress relieving, thermal diffusion and tempering. We specialize in high and low carbon continuous furnace heat treatment in media as diverse as fluidized alumina oxide, liquid lead and high velocity gases. Each type, including fluidbed furnace, muffle furnace manufacturer, direct fired furnace, quench furnaces or continuous wire annealing furnace (lead), has its specific cost and/or technical advantages.

Custom built to suit each customer’s specific production environment, our furnaces are designed to the latest international combustion standards (EN 746, NFPA86, FM, IRI, AGA, CSA, GOSH). Our goal is to provide reliable long-life furnaces together with excellence in combustion and control. QED’s innovative designs and choice of top quality components ensures we are the leading edge of furnace design and continuous furnace heat treatment for the steel wire industry.

continuous furnace heat treatment
FastHeat Fluidbed Furnaces
(Annealing, Quenching, Tempering & Thermal Diffusion)
Direct Fired Furnaces
Direct Fired Furnaces
(Austenitizing & Annealing)
Muffle and Tube Furnaces
Muffle & Tube Furnaces
(Austenitizing & Annealing)
Our engineers and draftsmen use current software to design and detail our range of heat-treating furnaces. In particular, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software and training has taken our engineering capabilities to a new level.

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