Wiping Towers

Wiping Towers

The QED Vertical Wiping Tower is built of heavy structural steel sections for maximum strength and minimum vibration. The columns are embedded into the concrete floor adding to the rigidity and providing a clean working space. Our non-slip checker-plate platform floor is edged by a kick-plate to prevent water spillage onto the liquid metal below, an important safety feature. The platform, guardrails and staircase are built to international safe equipment standards.

Wiping Towers

  • Solidly constructed tower that minimizes wire vibration
  • Secondary Quench and Wax Tanks with level and temperature control
  • High Efficiency Air Wipes with new easy threading stripper tubes
  • High quality roll sets with individual bearings and safety guard

Primary Quench & Air Knife

Wiping Systems Quench and Air KnifeOur primary quench of multiple streams of low impact water solidifies the zinc on all heavy coated wires. Each water nozzle has a separate control valve for individual flow adjustment. Our redesigned quench system has greater control of the water and minimizes accidental splashing onto the zinc. Below the primary quench a laser-cut full-width air knife prevents water from running down the wires. Stopped wire is positioned away from the water streams by special tabs.

Quench & Coating Tanks

Wiping Systems Quench & Coating TanksOur corrosion resistant tower tanks are supplied with temperature, flow and level control systems. Centrifugal pumps, piping and valves are used to recirculate the fluids from the tanks to the process trays. The coating (wax) tank is heated by an electric immersion heater while the quench tank is cooled by controlling the water inlet. In the final stage all excess liquid is removed from the wires by our high efficiency air wipe system.

Roll Sets

Wiping Systems Roll SetsAll our equipment is supplied with an abundance of roll sets to fully support the wires in their long journey. Each roll is precision machined of 4340 steel and surface hardened for wear resistance. The rolls are mounted on individual ball bearings of quality manufacture. A large diameter roll set with special no-pinch safety guard provides directional change to the wire field at the top of the tower.

Mini-Tower Option

Wiping Systems Mini TowerOur Mini-Tower option is designed for systems with a high percentage of vertical pad wiping. The quench and wax tanks are floor mounted.