Muffle and Tube Furnaces

Muffle Furnace Manufacturer

As a muffle furnace manufacturer QED austenitizes or anneals multiple wire strands in a protective environment thereby eliminating most scale formation on the wire. The QED Muffle Furnaces are heated by high velocity burners mounted along both sides in a staggered pattern, and firing both above and below the muffle or tube field. Providing excellent heat transfer and good temperature uniformity, the burners are controlled by QED’s patented Pressure Control System. To achieve optimum thermal efficiency we use several layers of high quality refractory to establish a low furnace skin temperatures and increases operator safety.

        muffle furnace manufacturer


  • Protective atmosphere
  • Special alloy stainless-steel muffle or tubes
  • Oil Quench with Targeted and Adjustable Flow Patterns
  • Individual burner flame safety
  • Push button burner ignition
  • Gas, oil and dual fuel capability

Wires travel longitudinally through the furnace in individual protective atmosphere muffle tubes. Inert gases are fed through individual flow meters to each tube. The tubes are constructed of a special high temperature alloy and supported above the refractory hearth. The burners are mounted above and below the tubes offering optimum performance by effectively heating by radiation, convection and conduction. The combustion chamber is sealed to insure safe operation and a high thermal efficiency. Muffle furnace manufacturer QED supplies high quality components guarantying a long, trouble-free furnace life.

Atmosphere Control for Special Scale ControlTube Furnace to Oil Quench Transition