Quench Water Tanks

Quench Water Tanks

Our Quench Tank Systems are made to cool the wires to a pre-determined temperature after they are heat treated or galvanized. The wires maintain a level path while passing though a quench tray that is supplied with water from a lower reservoir tank by means of a cast iron centrifugal pump. Weir blocks are located at each end of the tray to both guide the wires and to maintain the correct water level.


Quench Tanks• Highly turbulent entry section to effectively break       down steam pockets
• Ruggedly constructed and hot dipped galvanized
• Level and temperature controlled
• Recirculating system with cast iron centrifugal pump


Our quench tank and process tray are fabricated of steel plate (or optional stainless steel) and reinforced with structural steel sections. The tank has fittings for drain, overflow, fill, pump suction and discharge and is mounted on a sturdy base that is designed to sit on floor level. The complete tank and tray are hot-dip galvanized to provide excellent corrosion resistance.

Pumps and Piping

The Quench Tank uses a high quality cast iron centrifugal pump, supplied complete with; mechanical seal, motor, coupling, guard and base.Quench Tanks TempControl The pump recirculating system comes with galvanized steel pipe, fittings and valves including; suction valve, discharge valve, drain and fill valves.

Temperature and Level Control

QED supplies a temperature control system with our quench tank. It is comprised of; a solenoid control valve, thermocouple and panel PLC control logic.

Optional Water Cooling System

The quench water may be cooled by means of a dedicated cooling system if existing water cooling is not available in the plant. The cooling system is based on the evaporative cooling principle and includes a recirculating system, heat-exchanger, storage tank and evaporative cooler.