Phosphate RinsetankOur Phosphate and Borax Systems are typically used in an intermediate patenting process to prepare the wires for subsequent drawing. The phosphate solution reacts with the steel and deposits a zinc phosphate nonmetallic crystalline coating. Borax (or lime) coating can be used in
conjunction with the zinc phosphate base.

Phosphate Coating

Phosphate Final SprayThe QED phosphate section includes a pre-treatment tank, zinc phosphoric acid tank, multiple stage rinsing and borax or lime coating. The stainless steel phosphate tank incorporates a low density flat heat exchange surface and a sloped bottom to simplify sludge removal. The borax or lime tank can be either electrically or steam heated. All tanks have insulated materials and covers to minimize heat loss. We can supply both traditional dip tanks and flood weir designs.


Phosphate Temp Level• Flood weir or dip tank design
• Custom fabricated
• Minimum tank heat losses
• Low density heat flux design
• High efficiency air wipes


The QED phosphate process section includes a pre-treatment tank a zinc phosphoric acid tank and two stage rinsing. The tanks are ruggedly fabricated from stainless steel to minimize corrosion. The phosphate tank incorporates a specially designed sloped bottom to simplify sludge removal. All tanks are insulated and include covers to minimize heat loss.

Rinse Section

After exiting the phosphate section the wires pass through a double stage water rinse. The first stage rinse consists of a recirculating system with a pump and process tray and lower reservoir tank. The final rinse stage is a spray rinse of fresh water thus leaving the wires exceptionally free of phosphoric acid.

Temperature and Level Control

The system is controlled from a custom designed electrical control panel that contains a latest generation PLC and touchscreen. QED’s engineers and programmers have produced a user-friendly software package that simplifies operation. Temperature and alarm date is logged and available to the customer’s network. The panel also includes; a transformer, circuit breakers, contactors, fuses, lights, switches and wiring. Low watt density stainless steel electric heaters are mounted away from the sludge accumulation areas. The panel is built to international standards and fully tested prior to shipment.

Roll Sets

Support and dipper roll sets are provided at the entry and exit ends of the system. The rolls are fabricated of hard 4340 steel with “U” grooves. Each roll is mounted on an individual bearing allowing independent wire speeds. The rolls are assembled on a common adjustable height shaft mounted on pillow blocks.

Flood Weir -Option

The phosphate tank can be supplied in a “flood weir” configuration that permits a straight through wire path. The wires pass through a flooded process tray with solution pumped from the lower reservoir. A high quality centrifugal pump is supplied complete with re-circulating piping, fittings and valves.

High Efficiency Air Wipe

Phosphate QED Stripper TubeThe wires exit the tank into individual high efficiency air wipes. Air from a high volume blower is feed to the header from below the wire field. An integrated drain tray returns the excess fluid back to the tank.