Remote Monitoring & Control

QED’s Connecting Man to Machine! Remote Monitoring & Control

QED is supplying new process lines with Remote Monitoring & Control of the equipment’s key functions. Networked control panels are now further enhanced with software and hardware for communicating directly with your internal network. QED’s Siemens based PLC’s work in unison with a state-of-the-art Ixon router for seamless LAN integration. The package includes a Cloud based command center offering a multitude of solutions including live production dashboards, real-time messaging alerts and access to your equipment from anywhere in the world. 

  • Worldwide remote monitoring of processes
  • Live production dashboards
  • Latest generation Siemens PLCs
  • Retrofitting available!
  • Alarm notifications to mobile devices
  • Data logging & remote troubleshooting

IXON IoT Platform

Ixon Cloud 2 provides fast PLC access over a secure network. True real time remote monitoring and control of your production indicators using online dashboards. Connect to your process line from your computer or smart phone. Options include Cloud data logging and alarm notifications to mobile devices. The IXON platform was recently branded the Number 1 industrial IoT solution.

Siemens PLC’s

QED has turned to Siemens for our PLC & HMI requirements. Siemens is the world leader in industrial controls with unparalleled products for quality, performance and versatility

Remote Troubleshooting

The remote access capability permits troubleshooting from anywhere in the world. Additionally our software has status screens indicating all inputs and outputs to simplify maintenance and operations.

Data Logging

All temperatures and pressures are graphed for easy visualization of the process trends. Alarms are logged along with the time and date of the incident. This valuable data is critical for product quality assurance and standards compliance such as ISO 9001.