Wax & Protective Coatings

Wax & Protective Coatings

Wax Protective CoatingsThe QED Protective Coating systems apply a light coating of water soluble wax, mineral oil or similar protective coating to the wire surface. The coating on steel, galvanized, aluminized or galfan wire surface is to prevent corrosion and to act as a lubricant in subsequent wire forming processes. The coating is applied to the wires as they pass through the system’s process tray. Individual surface hardened “U” rolls guide the wires and a high efficiency air wipe removes excess fluid.


• Corrosion resistant tanks
• Level and temperature controlled
• Recirculating system with cast iron centrifugal pump
• Individual hardened rolls at entry and exit
• Flange mounted electric immersion heater
• Effective air wipe with blower and silencer


Protective Coatings Galvanized WireOur tanks and process trays are fabricated of steel plate (or optional stainless steel) and reinforced with structural steel sections. The complete tank and tray are hot-dip galvanized to provide excellent corrosion resistance.

Pumps and Piping

The tanks use a high quality cast iron centrifugal pump, supplied complete with; mechanical seal, motor, coupling, guard and base. The pump recirculating system comes with galvanized steel pipe, fittings and valves including; suction valve, discharge valve, drain and fill valves.

Temperature and Level Control

QED supplies a PLC based temperature control system driving a low Watt-density stainless steel electric immersion heater. For ease of operation we include a stainless steel float and valve assembly to maintain the water lost to evaporation.

High Efficiency Air Wipe

Effective Air WipingThe wires exit the tank into individual high efficiency air wipes. Each wire passes through an easily threaded and highly effective stripper tube. The tubes are mounted in a common air header that is feed from below by a pressure blower through corrosion resistant piping with a flow control valve.