Wire Processing Equipment

QED specializes in wire processing equipment for heat-treating, cleaning and coating of steel wire. Custom designed and built, our high-speed lines are for galvanizing (including both galvanizing line and continuous galvanizing line), Galfan®, patenting, annealing, aluminizing and oil tempering processes. Combining innovative design concepts with 30 years practical experience, we have developed a range of products and equipment that is both technologically advanced and ruggedly dependable.

Backing up the equipment is QED’s renowned excellence in service. We make it a matter of pride to give our customers the very best service; before, during and after commissioning. Our technical people work together with our network of process specialists, providing you with an integrated information package for wire processing equipment.

High Carbon GalvanizingHigh Carbon Galzanizing

High Carbon Galvanizing

The high carbon wire galvanizing process is done…
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Low Carbon GalvanizingLow Carbon Galzanizing

Low Carbon Galvanizing

The low carbon wire galvanizing process is usually…
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Oil TemperingOil Tempering Lines

Oil Tempering Lines

The oil tempering process is somewhat of a misnomer…
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Intermediate PatentingIntermediate Patenting

Intermediate Patenting

The patenting process first involves heating the wires in an…
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Gaflan SystemsGaflan Sysytems

Galfan Systems

The eutectic point mixture of 95% zinc and 5%…
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Aluminizing LinesAluminizing Lines

Aluminizing Lines

QED Aluminizing Lines are built to coat continuous…
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