Direct Fired Furnaces

Direct Fired Furnaces

Direct Fired FurnacesQED’s Direct Fired Furnaces are built for the continuous in-line austenitizing or annealing of multiple wire strands. High velocity burners are mounted along both sides of the furnaces in a staggered pattern that produces excellent heat transfer and temperature uniformity. Our patented Pressure Control System gives an extraordinary turn-down ratio allowing for a very wide range in production loads. All our state-of-the-art burners have full flame safety systems (flame detectors and safety shut-off gas valves) that conform to the latest international standards. The multiple zone combustion systems can be oil, gas or dual fuel fired.


  • Austenitizing or Annealing
  • Excellent heat-transfer and temperature uniformity
  • Combustion atmosphere control for low scale formation
  • High Velocity Nozzle-Mix Burners
  • Individual burner flame safety
  • Push button burner ignition
  • Gas, Oil and Dual fuel capability

In order to guaranty a long furnace life, QED uses several layers of high quality refractory to line the furnace, affording efficient operation and a low skin temperature for operator safety. The furnace shell is divided into modular units constructed of robust welded steel with bolted flanges for easy equipment installation.

Direct Fired Furnaces Control PanelWith burners firing above the wire field, an effective convection flow pattern is established for optimum heat-transfer. The wires are supported above the hearth on special wear resistant castable piers. Careful control of each zone’s combustion ratio minimizes scale formation while optimizing fuel efficiency. Scale is further reduced by using a specially designed discharge chamber at the furnace exit. This provides a protective atmosphere to the wires during transition to the subsequent process.

A charge end adjustable height door assures precise furnace pressure. Our furnace is designed with a long pre-heat section with counter flow exhaust gasses to increase efficiency.