Lead Annealing & Tempering Furnaces

Continuous Wire Annealing Furnace

continuous wire annealing furnaceWe use a proven technology in the engineering and building of our continuous wire annealing furnace. Our nozzle-mix burners are fired in a staggered pattern under a heavy walled steel pan producing exceptional temperature uniformity. Pan life is maximized by using conservative heat flux engineering and high quality materials. Other performance improving technologies include QED’s new lip design which minimizes warping of the pan.

Our wire annealing furnace is fired in multiple zones to produce a uniform temperature and fast heat-transfer to the wires. Optional covers and a fume extraction system can be provided to minimize the environmental impact and increase safety. The furnace pan has excellent life due to the stress relieving anneal and complete weld inspection we perform during fabrication.


• High wire speeds
• Low capital cost
• Individual burner flame safety
• State-of-the-Art Combustion & Control
• Solidly Built for a Long Life

Robust Furnace Construction

wire annealing furnace The continuous wire annealing furnace shell is fabricated of steel plate and heavy structural steel sections in an all-welded construction, except for the bolted top plates that allow for easy pan removal. The pan is made of a special quality hot rolled steel plate with a proven dependable service in this application. The joining of the rolled sides and end walls is by means of continuous seam welding from both sides of the joint. Following fabrication the pans are stress relieved and the welds are fully x-ray inspected to insure correct penetration and bond. The furnace is lined with the latest refractory materials and designed for minimum heat loss and low furnace skin temperature. The wires are submerged in the lead by two sinker assemblies constructed with cross shafts, steel framework and special wear resistant steel skids. Each assembly is supported and rotated by heavy-duty reduction gearboxes with hand wheels.

Latest Combustion & Control

Custom Built Control PanelsThe wire annealing furnace is controlled from a custom designed electrical control panel built to international standards. The panel incorporates the latest Siemens PLC hardware that is controlled by QED’s industry specific user-friendly program. Each zone has an air control valve, modulating motor and gas ratio regulator to precise combustion regulation. As an authorized distributor of Kromschroeder products, we offer the latest in top quality combustion equipment.