Borax System

Borax System

Borax TankOur Borax Tank Systems are made to coat the wires with a borax solution in preparation for short term storage or subsequent wire drawing. The wires maintain a level path while passing though a process tray that is supplied with fluid from a lower reservoir tank by means of a cast iron centrifugal pump. Weir blocks are located at each end of the tray to both guide the wires and to maintain the correct fluid level.


Our borax tank and process tray are fabricated of mild steel plate (or optional stainless steel) and reinforced with structural steel sections. The walls are insulated and the tank is equipped with a removable cover to conserve heat energy.

Pumps and Piping

Borax Pumps and PipesThe Borax Tank uses a high quality cast iron centrifugal pump, supplied complete with; mechanical seal, motor, coupling, guard and base. The pump re-circulating system comes with galvanized steel pipe, fittings and valves including; suction valve, discharge valve, drain and fill valves.

Temperature and Level Control

A panel mounted touchscreen and PLC are provided to control the electric immersion heaters. The immersion heaters are flange mounted in the side of the tank and are made of stainless steel elements. For ease of operation we include a stainless steel float and valve assembly to maintain the water lost to evaporation.

High Efficiency Air Wipe

The wires exit the flux tank into individual high efficiency air wipes. The wipe system comprises our special stripper tubes mounted into a common sturdy header. Air from a high volume blower is feed into the header from below the wire field to provide ease of operation. An integrated drain tray located below the header assembly returns the excess fluid back to the borax tank.