Oil Quenching Systems

Oil Quenching Systems

The QED Oil Quench System is built to rapidly quench continuous in-line steel wire strands exiting the austinitizing furnace. The Quench Tank is designed on the turbulent overflow principle where the tank is constructed in two pieces, the tray section where the wires will be quenched and a reservoir tank below to catch the overflowing fluid. The oil is pumped from the reservoir tank through a heat exchanger and strainer to the process tray. The pump rate is sufficient to create the fluid agitation necessary to provide uniform quenching.


Oil quenching on a Tempering LineTurbulent Entry Section
• Adjustable Flow Pattern
• Environmental Hood and Extraction
• Dual Pump Recirculating System
• Highly Effective Particle Separator
• Advanced Heating-Cooling Control
• Heat-Exchanger & Immersion Heaters
• Optional Fire Control System

Fume Hood and Extraction

A full length fume hood is constructed to remove the smoking oil fumes above the quench tank. An extraction fan, damper assembly and duct work discharge them to atmosphere.

PLC Control System

Heavy Duty Pump SetDuring normal operation the oil temperature is controlled by cooling through a specially designed heat-exchanger. At start-up the oil is initially heated to operating temperature by low watt density electric immersions heaters. Our QED programmed PLC and touchscreen provide easy operator interface while conforming to internationally recognized safety standards. The system monitors for low level, low flow and high temperature.

Recirculating System

The recirculating system is designed to provide a turbulent entry zone for the hot wires to be quenched rapidly. Multiple laterally positioned headers allow an adjustable flow pattern at the tray charge end.

Dual Oil Pumps

Shell and Tube Heat-ExchangerA skid mounted pump set with two heavy duty oil recirculating pumps, valves and piping provides secure and continuous operation.


Our specially designed heat-exchanger delivers ample cooling capacity to remove heat from a full production load.

Particle Separation

PumpsQED has incorporated the “Sludgebuster”, a highly effective centrifugal particle separator to remove scale from the recirculating oil. The debris is captured in the lower receptacle that includes a special sensing device to indicate when maintenance is required. This is a low maintenance and easy to operate system.

Wiping System

A two stage soft rubber pad wiping system is used to wipe the majority of the oil from the wire surface. The excess oil that is removed by the pads drains back into the oil quench tank.