Nitrogen Wiping

Nitrogen Wiping

NitroGenWipingDecadeQED’s N2 Wiping System is designed for medium and heavy coatings of zinc or Galfan® at a broad range of wire speeds from DV= 100 to over DV= 250. A few years of refinement has produced our 3rd generation nozzle that applies a smooth, consistent and concentric coating. The low-profile split-nozzle design provides for simple operation and easy wire threading.

  • Wide range of coating weight control (100 – 500 g/m2)
  • Latest split nozzle design (3rd Generation)
  • Individual flow meters and flow adjusting valves
  • Capable of very high speed wiping (DV>250)

N2 FlowmetersNitrogen flow is controlled to each nozzle through manual flow valves and flowmeters. Our innovative nozzle holder is adjustable in all three axes for quick alignment with the wire. N2 Wiping results in superior quality, higher production and closer control of the coat weight than traditional heavy coat wiping methods. Our unique dual cam mounting means simple and effective nozzle positioning adjustment resulting in better quality wire and easier operation.

nitrogenimage1We have redesigned the Primary Quench with flow control at each nozzle combined with flow control for each wire’s stack of nozzles (4 to 6 nozzles in vertical alignment). This unprecedented water control is integrated with our new nozzle arrangement that permits a better alignment between wire and water.


  • Simple to operate
  • Individual control of each wire’s coating
  • Smooth concentric coatings
  • Very good control of coating weight
  • Medium to very high wire speeds (40 to over 150 m/min)