Our heavy duty gas fired dryers are made to remove moisture from the wires following a flux, borax or other coating application. This high convection hot air unit can also pre-heat wires in preparation for galvanizing, galfanizing or aluminizing. The wires maintain a level path while passing though a chamber of turbulent gasses. The dryer system consists of a gas fired combustion chamber feeding the hot air recirculation plenum via a top down air flow configuration.


High Convection Fast Dry• High Velocity Recirculating Air Flow
• Quick Drying and Pre-Heat
• Integrated Combustion Package
• Modulating High Efficiency Burner
• Latest PLC Control and Touchscreens
• Easy Wire Threading
• Dependably Build


Integrated Combustion PackageThe dryer frame is ruggedly built of structural steel sections. The internal ceiling, walls and floor are made of stainless steel panels and insulated with light weight refractory material. The external panels are tongue & groove aluminized. Narrow entry and exit slots are located at each end of the structure. Wire threading is simplified by access doors on the sides of the dryer.

Burner package

The combustion system consists of a dependable integrated burner package with fan, gas pressure regulator, pressure gauges, ignition transformer, flame sensor, spark plug, valves, gas pressure switches, orifice meter, and safety shut-off gas valves. A control motor modulates air and gas for increased efficiency.
Integrated Combustion Package

Air Recirculation and Exhaust System

The hot air is recirculated at high velocity in the plenum chamber by means of a special blower fitted with a temperature resistant stainless steel wheel. The internal flow pattern is designed to optimize drying and increase heat transfer to the wires. An exhaust blower, also with stainless steel wheel, evacuates the products of combustion. Both recirculating and exhaust blowers are tested and balanced before shipping.

Temperature Control

Temperature ControlA digital instrument controls the temperature of the plenum. This temperature controller receives a signal from a thermocouple and sends an output signal to the burner controller. A high limit controller, signaled by an independent thermocouple, shuts down the burner system in the event of over-temperature.

Control Panel

The control panel houses the temperature controller/PLC, high limit controller, burner control unit, transformer, motor starters, push buttons, lights, fuses, disconnect and e-stop button. The panel is quality built to international standards and tested prior to shipping.