AutoCoat Zinc Coating Control

The new Industry Standard in Coat Weight Control


As a part of our commitment to continued product development and innovation, QED Wire Lines Inc. is proud to announce the launch of a state-of-the-art Coat Weight Control System.  The QED AutoCoatTM is the latest generation of automatic zinc coating control systems for the steel wire industry. Easily incorporated into an existing nitrogen wiping operation, it offers our customers significant advantages including:

  • Precision Coating for a Superior Product Finish
  • Significant Cost Savings in Zinc or Galfan®
  • True Closed Loop Control
  • High Speed Multiple Strand Analysis
  • Real Time Pad Wipe Coating Measurement
  • Ease of Integration
  • Latest Generation Siemens PLC Processing
  • Automatic and Manual Modes
  • Data Acquisition and Networking
  • Remote Monitoring


Feedback from the field has been outstanding….

An in-house development backed by 4 years of rigorous R&D as well as in field testing; the QED AutoCoatTM System was engineered as an upgrade to existing high-speed Galvanizing and Galfan® process lines.  It allows for the consistent production of precisely weighted metallic coated wire via independent measurement and fine-tune control.   QED AutoCoatTM is capable of true real time analysis and closed loop control with Nitrogen nozzles thus allowing for consistent, accurate coat weight application. This innovative system insures premium quality, high efficiency, and significant material savings.

The measurement of galvanized coatings on steel wire is achieved via robustly designed sensors which communicate with a top of the line Siemens PLC control panel in real time.  These premium-quality sensors relay current coat weight data that is instantly compared to a user setpoint target.  The system then regulates a closed PID loop controlling output pressure to individual Nitrogen nozzles.