Oil Tempering Lines

Oil Tempering Lines

The oil tempering process is somewhat of a misnomer in the wire industry. The process actually involves heating the wire to austinitizing temperature in a muffle or direct fired furnace followed by a rapid quench in oil or water based quenchant. The third stage, tempering, is the reheating of the wire to an intermediate temperature in order to form tempered martensite. Although typically done in lead, the fluidbed offers a more environmentally friendly tempering furnace option. The final result is a wire with superior ductility and toughness and with excellent fatigue, heat and deformation resistance.

Oil Tempered Products:

Oil Tempering Lines Coil

  • Valve Springs
  • Upholstery Springs
  • Suspension Springs
  • Clutch Springs
  • Garage Door Springs
  • Steel Brush Wire

QED’s oil tempering lines feature equipment designed for key process considerations. Our austenitizing muffle tube furnace provides special atmosphere management to prevent decarburization and control the scale to a specific formation. Oil quenching is done with adjustable and targeted flow patterns to rapidly quench the wires for a complete transformation to martensite. Our FastHeat fluidbed furnace offers an environmentally friendly tempering medium with precise temperature control capable of producing valve spring quality wire.

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