Pre-Cleaning & Electrolytic Systems

Pre-Cleaning & Electrolytic Systems

Our Pre-Clean and Rinse Systems are made to clean the wires of drawing lubricant residuals prior to subsequent processing. The wires maintain a level path though the hot wash section process tray that contains either water or a caustic cleaning solution. The system can incorporate an optional electrolytic boost for addition cleaning power. Following the wash section is a two or three stage water rinse and a high efficiency air wipe.


• Effective cleaning
• Optional Electrolytic Boost
• Tough FRP Construction
• Siemens PLC Control
• Level and Temperature Control


Pre Clean Rinse TankThe tank and process tray are fabricated of FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) composite material using premium quality resin and corrosion resistant glass fibers. Pultruded FRP sections are incorporated into the tank walls for additional strength and to provide precise level surfaces for the internal trays and top flanges. A cover is included with the system to minimize heat losses. The tank has flanged fittings for cleaning, drain, overflow, fill, heaters, pump suction and discharge.

Cleaning Section

Pre Rinse GraphA low maintenance vertical pump with high efficiency motor recirculates the fluid between the reservoir tank and process tray. Primary cleaning is done by the turbulent heated solution. The system trays each contain two ceramic weir bars that support the wires and maintain a flooded level in the tray. Other ceramic wiping bars are mounted at the exit of each stage to mechanically remove fluid drops.

Electrolytic Boost

Cleaning can be augmented by a special electrolytic boost system. The high amperage system has corrosion resistant current distribution grids (anode/cathode) mounted at the entry and exit to the process tray. Current is supplied by a low voltage power rectifier with voltage and amperage control and safety systems.

Temperature & Level Control

A panel mounted PLC and Touchscreen provided temperature and level control. Heat is supplied by electric immersion heaters in the wash section. The level is monitored with a new generation ultrasonic level transmitter and the system incorporates high and low level and temperature alarms. A special float chamber and float valve controls level and compensates for evaporative losses.

Rinse Section

PreRinseTank2After exiting the pre-clean section the wires pass through a double (or optional triple) stage water rinse. The first stage rinse consists of a recirculating system with a vertical pump. The final rinse stage is a spray rinse of fresh water thus leaving the wires exceptionally free of contamination.

High Efficiency Air Wipe

The wires exit the tank into individual high efficiency air wipes. Air from a high volume blower is feed to the header from below the wire field. An integrated drain tray returns the excess fluid back to the tank.