Flux Systems

Flux Systems

Flux Sustem Tank and Dependable ComponentsCustom built and incorporating reliable top quality components, our flux systems are intended for surface preparation prior to hot dip galvanizing, Galfan® or Aluminizing. The straight through wire path, turbulent fluid and very effective wiping system ensure ease of operation in a quality package.

• Galvanizing (Zn) Flux
• Galfan® (Zn-Al) Flux
• Aluminizing (Al) Flux


• Thermally Efficient Tank and Cover
• Low Maintenance Vertical Pumps
• Titanium Immersion Heaters
• Latest PLC Control and Touchscreens
• Automatic Level and Temperature Control
• High Efficiency Air Wiping


QED’s flux tanks are built to last with high strength FRP composite materials. The multiple layer design uses premium quality resin and corrosion resistant glass fibers. Pultruded FRP sections are incorporated into the tank walls for additional strength and to provide precise level surfaces for the internal trays and top flanges. A cover is included with the system to minimize heat losses. The tank has flanged fittings for cleaning, drain, overflow, fill, heaters, pump suction and discharge.

Temperature & Level Control

Flux Systems Erganomic Air Wipe and Operating Side A panel mounted PLC and Touchscreen provides temperature and level control. A thermocouple continuously reads the fluid temperature. Heat is supplied by low Watt density titanium sheathed electric immersion heaters. The level is monitored with a new generation ultrasonic level transmitter and the system incorporates high and low level and temperature alarms. A special side mounted float chamber and float valve controls level and compensates for evaporative losses.

High Efficiency Air Wipe

The wires exit the tank into individual high efficiency air wipes. Each wire passes through an easily threaded and highly effective stripper tube. The tubes are mounted in a common air header that is feed from below by a pressure blower through corrosion resistant piping with a flow control valve. This system eliminates the expense and line length required for a separate dryer.