Immersion Burner Galvanizer

Immersion Burner Galvanizer

Immersion Burner GalvanizerThe QED Immersion Burner Furnace is built to coat continuous in-line steel wire strands with either zinc or Galfan®. The wires dip into a longitudinal bath of molten metal, pass under a ceramic sinker and exit the bath through a wiping system. The molten metal is contained in a special ceramic lined bath designed for a long trouble free life of over 25 years. The bath is heated by the latest generation gas fired Immersion Burners using recuperative technology that maintains a high thermal efficiency.

Immersion Burner Galvanizer Rugged Steel Frame

  • Rugged Construction & Latest Generation Refractory
  • High Efficiency and Lower Fuel Costs
  • Patented Combustion System
  • Networked PLC Control Panels
  • Excellent Bath Temperature Uniformity
  • Monorail & Burner Handling Equipment
  • Ceramic Sinker Assembly

Immersion Burners – Advanced Recuperative Technology – Mark 4

Immersion Burner-Mark4This latest generation ART Mk4 immersion burner offers a very high thermal efficiency by using a recuperative burner head with a ceramic immersion tube. Employing the latest combustion design, the burners are capable of over 75% combustion efficiency – much higher than conventional galvanizer designs. The burner heats the incoming combustion air by channeling it through a two-pass annular labyrinth with the hot exhaust gases passing the opposite side of the heat exchange surfaces. With the integration of our patented “Pressure Control System” and proportional flow technology we have developed a combustion system that accurately and individually controls the firing rate of each burner and provides a high turn-down ratio.


The refractory lining is multiple layers of the latest generation of refractory materials. The hot-face lining is made of 9” (229mm) thick, high strength, high alumina content tiles. The interlocked tiles are fully bonded to provide an impervious container for the liquid metal. A special “freeze plane” design is employed to guaranty zinc containment, even in the unlikely event of a hot-face lining crack. A layer of back-up and a layer of insulating refractory ensure additional bath integrity and low heat loss. The burner platform is insulated with castable refractory to minimize heat loss from the zinc surface.
QED provides the installation of the refractory as part of the equipment price.

PLC Control System

PLC Control SystemThe furnace is controlled from a custom designed electrical control panel with the latest Siemens PLC hardware. Our engineers and programmers have developed a user friendly control system geared to the wire industry. The touchscreen is networked to the other control panels on the line, providing instant control and monitoring of all the equipment. The system includes data logging and troubleshooting functions as well as networking capability for easy customer hookup to SCADA software.